Battery Services



Many people overlook the importance of good automotive battery maintenance until their car battery fails.

TRUCK & CAR AUTO SALES Auto Sales can help you avoid battery failure with our Free Computerized Battery Check. We also offer a Battery Cleaning Service and Motor Trend High Performance Batteries if you should need a replacement battery.

Free Computerized Battery Check

TRUCK & CAR AUTO SALES Auto Sales Free Battery Check-up gives you a computerized readout detailing your battery's state of health.

The computer compares your battery's rated Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) to the actual measured CCA's. The free battery test also checks the state of charge as well as the battery's performance while recharging with the engine running.

A weak battery may still be able to start your car under normal conditions, but should temperatures suddenly drop, you could be left stranded due to a weak battery condition.

  • Determines current state of health of your battery
  • Helps you make informed decision on battery maintenance. Alerts you to possible battery failure

Battery Cleaning Service

After a quick rinse, a wire brush is used to clean the terminal ends and battery connectors. If your battery has removable caps, the water levels inside the cells will be topped off with distilled water. The clean battery is reinstalled, fastened securely, and dielectric grease is used between connections to ensure your battery has strong electrical conductivity.

Benefits of TRUCK & CAR AUTO SALES Auto Sales Battery Cleaning:

  • Test battery's cold cranking amps and charge capacity
  • Remove oxidation and neutralize corrosive acids
  • Terminals cleaned and reattached with dielectric grease ensures strong electrical conductivity

Motor Trend High Performance Battery

TRUCK & CAR AUTO SALES Auto Sales is proud to offer Motor Trend High Performance Batteries as replacement batteries for cars, trucks and SUV's. The name Motor Trend has become symbolic in rating top quality automotive products and TRUCK & CAR AUTO SALES Auto Sales Motor Trend Performance Battery is no exception. Motor Trend High Performance replacement batteries deliver outstanding performance in severe climates and under extreme driving conditions.

TRUCK & CAR AUTO SALES Auto Sales offers Motor Trend Batteries in a range of sizes and cold cranking amp ratings to match your vehicle manufacturer's recommendation for battery replacement.

Benefits of Motor Trend High Performance Battery:

  • Improved cold or hot weather starting
  • No maintenance required
  • Performance replacement for a weak or failed battery