Fuel Systems



Over time, carbon deposits and tarnish can build up in the intake system causing parts to stick and prevent full range of motion. This can lead to performance problems, degraded throttle response, decreased fuel efficiency, rough idle, engine knocks and pings or even harmful emissions.

Poor engine performance can often be tracked back to the quality of fuel you purchase that could lead to fuel fuel tarnish buildup and gumming in the fuel delivery system.

Fuel Intake System Cleaning

The TRUCK & CAR AUTO SALES Fuel Intake System Cleaner service uses a specialized cleanser and dry lubricant that is sprayed into the fuel intake system while the engine is running to remove built up deposits while at the same time lubricating moving parts. As a result, you'll experience better overall engine performance and improved fuel efficiency.

Benefits of TRUCK & CAR AUTO SALES Fuel Intake System Cleaning:

  • Removes carbon deposits, tarnish on intake components, valves and cylinder heads
  • Helps improves engine performance and pedal response
  • Helps return compression to factory levels
  • Helps improves fuel efficiency
  • Reduces harmful emissions

Fuel System Cleaning

TRUCK & CAR AUTO SALES Fuel System Cleaning service uses a specialized fuel detergent additive to effectively clean the entire fuel system in one application. While you drive your fuel system is being cleaned as the entire tank-full of fuel is used. As part of your automotive preventative maintenance program, TRUCK & CAR AUTO SALES Fuel System Cleaning service will help ensure that your vehicle is always operating at peak performance.

Benefits of TRUCK & CAR AUTO SALES Fuel System Cleaning:

  • Cleans fuel varnish, tarnish and gumming as you drive
  • Improves performance on fuel injectors, carburetors, intake valves, manifolds, combustion chambers, fuel pumps and fuel lines
  • Restores power and helps improve fuel economy
  • Prevents engine knocks and pings, rough idle, and harmful emissions