Gear Box



The gear box is where the power is delivered to the wheels so there's a lot of torque, heat and friction involved.

Over time, gear box fluid can break down and lose its ability to clean and lubricate the gears.

That's why TRUCK & CAR AUTO SALES follows your vehicle manufacturer's recommendations on periodic gear box service.


TRUCK & CAR AUTO SALES Gear Box Service includes: Draining old gearbox fluid; Removing and inspecting both the check plug and drain plug seals; Refilling gear box fluid with manufacturer's recommended viscosity gear box fluid.


Customer Care Little Things

Free Fluid Top-Offs

When it comes to vehicle fluids - a little fluid can go a long way towards preventing premature wear and preventing part or system failure.

And to make sure you always maintain the proper fluid levels, TRUCK & CAR AUTO SALES offers free fluid top-offs as part of every 14-Point Full Service Oil Change.

Simply stop by any TRUCK & CAR AUTO SALES location within 3 months or 3,000 mile (whichever comes first) from your last TRUCK & CAR AUTO SALES oil change, and we'll top-off the fluids serviced by the original full service oil change for free.

Benefits of TRUCK & CAR AUTO SALES Gear Box Service:

  • Drain old fluid, inspect plugs and seals and refill using manufacturers recommended viscosity gear box fluid
  • Helps protect against bearing and gear failure
  • Reduces wear and prolongs the life of the gear box or differential
  • Guards against corrosion
  • Minimizes wear and tear caused by heat, fast driving, and trailer towing