Oil Change- Air Filter Services

Air Filter Services

A clogged air filter can slow the passage of air through the intake system, causing an incorrect air to fuel ratio. This can directly affect engine power, throttle response and fuel efficiency.

A good rule of thumb is to replace the air filter every 12 months or 12000 miles (whichever comes first).

Air Filter Replacement        

TRUCK & CAR AUTO SALES Air Filter Replacement service will inspect your air filter and filter box components to make sure they are both functioning and sealing properly. If your filter shows signs of dirt, dust or debris buildup, we'll replace your air filter with one that meets your vehicle manufacturer's specifications.

Benefits of TRUCK & CAR AUTO SALES Auto Sales Air Filter Replacement:

  • Replace dirty air filter with new filter designed for your vehicle
  • Inspect filter housing for proper sealing or damage
  • Restore vehicle performance and fuel economy


K&N Filter Re-Charge Service

TRUCK & CAR AUTO SALES Auto Sales can help you get the most out of your million-mile K&N air filter. Our K&N Filter Re-Charge service uses the K&N recommended procedures for cleaning, using only K&N Air Filter cleaning solution to remove embedded dust and dirt.

We then rinse the filter, allow it to dry and inspect the air filter for any damage, prior to re-charging the filter material with K&N Air Filter Oil.
Once the oil has properly absorbed, your K&N filter is reinstalled and you're good to go for another 50,000 miles.
It's the easiest way to get the most out of your K&N filter investment.

Benefits of TRUCK & CAR AUTO SALES Auto Sales K&N Air Filter Re-Charge Service:

  • Clean dirt, dust and contaminants from K&N air filter
  • Inspect K&N filter material for damage
  • Re-charge filter with K&N air filter oil and reinstall filter