Oil Change- Power Steering Fluids

Power Steering Fluids


Over time, you may experience a gradual increase in the amount of energy needed to turn your vehicle or you hear a squealing noise. This decrease in your vehicle's responsiveness to turning or the squealing noise may be the result of power steering fluid break down, moisture buildup or particle contamination or from air bubbles in the fluid lines. Any of these power steering conditions could lead to more expensive automotive repairs, if the power steering fluid issues are not addressed in time.

Power Steering Fluid Flush

TRUCK & CAR AUTO SALES Auto Sales offers a Power Steering Fluid Flush service that removes the worn or contaminated fluid from the reservoir, lines, power steering gearbox and pump through use of a vacuum system. New power steering fluid, to match your manufacturer's recommendation, is then pumped back into the system while maintaining a vacuum to ensure no air bubbles enter into the power steering fluid system.

Benefits of TRUCK & CAR AUTO SALES Auto Sales Power Steering Flush:

  • Safely removes deposits, contaminants and impurities from power steering system
  • Cleans all internal components: pumps, turbines, pistons, racks, lines, etc.
  • Improves steering wheel responsiveness
  • Helps eliminate squealing noises from power steering system

Customer Care Little Things

Free Fluid Top-Offs

When it comes to vehicle fluids - a little fluid can go a long way towards preventing premature wear and preventing part or system failure.
And to make sure you always maintain the proper fluid levels, TRUCK & CAR AUTO SALES Auto Sales offers free fluid top-offs as part of every 14-Point Full Service Oil Change.

Simply stop by any TRUCK & CAR AUTO SALES Auto Sales location within 3 months or 3,000 mile (whichever comes first) from your last TRUCK & CAR AUTO SALES Auto Sales oil change, and we'll top-off the fluids serviced by the original full service oil change for free.